ColorSnapper 2 App Reviews

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Great app

I’d been looking for an app like this for a while. Colorsnapper does exactly what I needed. With simple shortcuts, you can grab the color of anything on the screen and copy it in any format. The fact that it keeps the last colors you snapped is also super useful. So far, I’ve had no issues with the app and it’s made my workflow so much simpler.

Awesome upgrade

I was hanging on to the old version since it worked just fine. But recently it started lagging terribly on El Capitan so I figured it was time to upgrade. This new version is awesome. It does just enough to make colour picking quick and easy, as well as powerful when you need it to be.

Almost perfect.

I’m so happy with this app. It is impossible to quickly get an eyedropped color from illustrator when you are mixing overlapped shapes. This program lets me do it on the fly so I can mix up colors then add them to my swatches for final output. I had to ask support how to do it - so I think this app needs some more work on usability. I mean maybe a something simpler than the current list for less technical designers. Otherwise if you can take the time to figure it out it will be amazing for you if your working with color all the time.

Really Good But...

The new look and features are great. But there is one truly annoying thing. I have 2 monitors, and if I change the focus to any other program, ColorSnapper minimizes. So I can no longer see the details of the colour.

Incredibly well-designed and highly efficient

ColorSnapper lives in the menu bar, and can be activated by using 2 keyboard shortcuts. One shortcut opens the color sampler, where you can click on a color on the screen (and hold down the mouse to get some extra zoom and accuracy) to instantly copy it to your keyboard. The other shortcut opens up a window that allows you to see previously sampled colors, where you can edit a sampled color with Apple’s color picker or copy a color to your clipboard in pretty much any color format you can think of. You can also save favorite colors (and access them from the menu bar by holding the alt key) My favorite part is that, for everything that you can do with this app, there’s a matching keyboard command. While using a mouse is completely fine, I can do things much faster when I can have my fingers on the keys. With this app, I can very quickly make a collection of colors. There are other apps that are similar to this, but the workflow of ColorSnapper is the best and most refined I’ve come across. There’s a preview of this app available on the website for this app, and I’d highly recommend trying it out.

Finally, perfection.

This is a review of Colorsnapper 2, Version 1.1.4 I rarely write reviews, but this app is so fine I would give it ten stars. A small icon resides in the menubar at the top right of the screen. When in any other application, click on that icon. A targeted circle appears. Hover over a color, click, and the hex or rgb code is copied to the clipboard. The app is way more sophisticated than my description indicates, it’s a great user interface and totally tas-oriented. Bravo. Highly recommended.

Great app just got better

I’ve been using a previous version of ColorSnapper for a few years and never had any issues, but the new one is just so much better. It’s redesigned to look good on Yosemite and has a ton of new ways to export a color value. Great design and overall attention to details.

Nice new version - definitely worth buying

I used ColorSnapper (the original one) for most of the last 2 years for various printing design, web design, professional and personal needs and I loved it. Version 2 has a really nice clean Yosemite feel to it with helpful personalization options, particularly pertaining to use of the magnifying glass. 2 features I would love to see are the ability to resize the “Colors and Formats” box and the option to pin this box in front of everything else on my screen for easy reference.

Extremely well done

Grabbing colors is something I do everyday. This app makes it quick and easy and saves me time. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Very good implementation and a joy to use.

Utterly Indispensable tool, Zoom is long-awaited

Great, simple, purposeful app, I couldn’t live without it as a designer. 10 bucks is a steal, I’d pay more.

ColorSnapper 2 is really great, NO BUTS THIS TIME

All right, not too long ago I wrote this review: "I really like the idea of this app. I also really like using the current version; HOWEVER… and this is a big however… the app needs a way to copy the hex code. It’s helpful to know the color, but ColorSnapper 2 does not currently have a way to copy that color or leave the code on screen log enough to type it in.” Then, @colorsnapper tweeted me regarding my review here. They informed me that when you snap a color from your screen, the hexcode is AUTOMATICALLY copied to your clipboard. I played around with the app a bit more and found that to be entirely true! I was obviously doing something wrong. So not only that is @colorsnapper a GREAT app, they also have GREAT customer service!

works but...

It seems to work perfectly, so full stars for that. But I just can’t get a workflow to feel fluid with it. It feels clunky, and I miss the apps that broke with Yosemite, like Color Schemer Studio.

Best color picker I

As a web developer and designer, this is the best system-wide color picker Ive found. I really enjoy the customizability of the units and formats of color codes, and the high precision magnifying glass is super useful for picker accuracy.

Feature badly needed

The # mark on the CSS Hex value should be optional

Everyday utility

As a web designer, I use ColorSnapper constantly. It does what it purports to do incredibly well. One review falsely complains that you can’t get rid of the # mark before the hex value. Actually, you can customize the color code output in many different ways, like hex, decimal, rgba, 8-bit, and dozens of other formats. You can also add your own prefix. Version 2 is a nice upgrade and works smoothly with El Capitan. I like the added zoom feature for those times when I need to target one literal pixel.

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